Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is a dramatic canvas of rainforest, beaches, mountains and parkland. The island is vast, yet easily accessible from Vancouver by either a spectacular 1.5 hour ferry trip or a 30 minute scenic seaplane ride.

While the fishing and forestry industries are a significant part of the economy, the beauty and tranquility of the island has also inspired many artisans to produce unforgettable wines, food, arts and crafts. The region is home to the dynamic cultures and traditions of the First Nations people.

This fast-growing region features vineyards and farms tucked into scenic hillsides. The heart of Vancouver Island's wine and food industry is the Cowichan Valley, an area named after a First Nations word for the "Warm Land". Often called the new “Provence”, the Cowichan area boasts ideal growing conditions for wines and produce. Its’ warm climate and fertile soil makes it a perfect a region for high quality food production. Teeming with rich grasslands, the island features an outstanding array of local fresh vegetables, cheeses and unique culinary products. From vibrant farmers' markets to outstanding wineries, Vancouver Island is a dream destination for food and wine lovers.

Video Credits: Tourism BC
Photo Credits: Tourism BC